We are looking for people who are not just excellent at what they do,but are also passionate about what they do.

Position: Analyst Apprentice (internship position)

This is an opportunity to learn, and learn a lot. Apprentice will work under direct supervision of Vitaliy Katsenelson (IMA’s CIO), creating financial valuation/analytical models for publicly traded companies.

The apprentice will learn about value investing and how to analyze, model, and value publicly traded companies. This is a unique opportunity for someone to learn about value investing directly from practitioners.

This is a unpaid internship and will not turn into a paid job with IMA.But our past interns have a terrific record of getting jobs.In fact, one landed a sell side analyst job with Goldman Sachs, another an analyst position with one of the largest value investing firms in the country, and another an analyst job with a private equity firm.


Be passionate about value investing (very important!).

Have a thirst for knowledge.

Have a good knowledge of discounted cash flow valuation analysis.

Have an understanding of accounting and interactions among financial statements.

Be an expert in Excel and financial modeling (a financial modeling class is a big plus).

Need to read either The Little Book of Sideways Markets or Active Value Investing before start of internship.

Minimum 24 hours a week, flexible hours.

Sales positions:

wholesale and/or retail market (part-time and full-time)

We are looking for ethical, hardworking people who are great communicators and who can share our commitment to value investing and our investment process.

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